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IsnŽt this a wonderful sight? Our All-Day Excursion

Discover the Bays of Huatulco

If you fancy a day out, with the family, with a group of friends or maybe just the two of you, our popular all-day excursion including a "Tour of the Bays" is made for you. It also includes Pauline's famous picnic lunch on a quiet beach and beverages for the day. This wonderful day out can be combined with diving and/or snorkeling and you're always accompanied by a professional, bilingual guide. The other nice thing about it, is that we keep the groups small.

For a video impression of our All-Day Excursion, go to Videos Click here for videos of our excursions


Snorkeling in San AugustinItinerary

We start the day from the marina of Santa Cruz with a tour along the bays, all the way to San Augustin Bay. There we go diving and/or snorkeling after which we have our famous picnic lunch (lovingly prepared by my wife Pauline) on one of the secluded beaches. WeŽll spend several hours on the beach so you can snorkel, swim, sunbathe, go for a walk, sleep or simply relax. After leaving the beach we often stop at other sites to snorkel and/or do another dive. On the way back we can go out a bit further and see if we can find any dolphins or whales (wintertime only). This is the standard itinerary, which we can adapt to your wishes. With divers for example, we can do two dives before lunch or do a second dive off the beach where we have lunch.


Pauline's famous picnic lunchPicnic Lunch

Food and drinks are provided by us. Pauline's famous Picnic Lunch typically consists of at least two different salads, two different meats, 2 different desserts and some snacks. We normally bring water, coke and beer (for the non-divers or for after the diving!). If you would have any specific wishes concerning the beverages or the food (vegetarian, for example), we will accommodate you as much as we can. Our Picnic Lunch has slowly developed into somewhat of a "gourmet meal" and some people come on our excursions time and time again because of it!.



Since we generally go out with small groups (sometimes with only one couple) we use a standard "panga" most of the time. We adjust the size of the boat according to group size or sometimes go out with two small boats. If you come with a bigger group or you simple would like a bit more luxury, you can upgrade to one of the bigger boats or yachts that are available.

For an idea what's available here in Huatulco, go to Boats & Yachts Click here for the available Boats


Relaxing after Pauline's picnic lunch (Photo by Zoe) Booking

Due to the shopping, cooking, preparing and logistical planning on our part, you'll need to book our All-Day Excursion at least two or three days in advance. For the same reasons we normally offer them only on Tuesdays through Fridays. We recommend booking our services even more in advance (weeks, if not months) for the high season, especially our very popular All-Day Excursions. They are often fully booked many weeks in advance. Our high season is roughly from Christmas to Easter.


Is this Paradise or what?Made to Measure

Do you have any specific wishes? No problem, simply let us know what you want, with how many people, what they want to do, how many dives you want to make, how many want to go snorkeling, where you want to go and with what kind of boat. WeŽll send you a quote for your private and "made to measure" excursion!


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